A Long Journey Home

y kittens

To the caring people at Seal Beach Animal Care Center

At the end of September of this year I adopted two of the most wonderful kittens from your Animal Care Center. I had become acquainted with these kittens through their foster mother Janet Bloomquist while visiting her. Like many kittens they were quite adorable, but I would find out upon spending time with them how incredibly smart, loving, and affectionate they were. I am profoundly grateful to your Care Center for allowing me to adopt these kittens despite living several hundred miles north in Half Moon Bay, California. I would like to give special thanks to Leslie Wolder for working to make this possible and to my dear friend Janet for introducing me. I can’t tell you how much these kittens, Oscar and Yul, have enriched my life and given me great joy and happiness.

Forever Grateful,

John Liedstrand