Feldspar (Whitney)

Hello SBACC–
It has been two years since we adopted Whitney (now Feldspar).
We thought we would bring you up-to-date on what her second year was like.
She is such a delight and continues to get more and more loving.
We are so grateful we found her!feldspar

Cuddles (aka Jenga)

Hi Everyone,

Today I am celebrating the 3 year anniversary of the day I adopted my forever mom; life around here is pretty good.  I think I have her pretty well trained now (except for that stupid vacuum cleaner, which she keeps insisting on using every day or so).
I have grown up to be a very good girl (most of the time), and I have a lot of toys and 2 towers to climb on.  My mom gives me tummy rubs every morning, we play a lot during the day, and at night she always gives me a neck rub and a kiss goodnight.  She also serves some pretty good cat food too; and the vet is happy with everything about me.
I really don’t like the flea stuff mom puts on me, or when she trims my nails, but I have to put up with it; and when we’re done, mom always gives me a treat.
Anyway, I hope all the cats at the shelter get forever homes. and I hope they all have a merry Christmas (I know I will).  Hi to everyone who took care of me while I was there.


Dottie The Superstar Dalmation

Hi, I am Dave Daniel of Huntington Beach. We adopted Dottie on Cinco de Mayo 2013 and we are coming up on two years. After a rough first week of adjusting to us, Dottie has become the superstar of our family. She is friendly with other dogs, although some larger dogs tend to intimidate her, great with kids … our grandkids and neighborhood kids, loves her morning walks to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands with Mom and her afternoon walks with Dad to Huntington Central Park. Her best friends are Carter (17) and Collin (12) our grandkids who accompanied us to SBACC and let Dottie pick them as who she wanted to go home with. The grandkids live just two houses away and are over every day to play with her. She loves her squeaky toys and is quiet, except when she lets us know when the postman is coming up the porch. She has been a great addition to our family and we owe it all to SBACC. Thank you.


Dottie snoozing in our home office.


Dottie snoozing on her back.


Dottie sitting on a bench in Huntington Central Park.


Hi Friends!

I had the honor of adopting the kitten you called “Hot Lips” in July 2009. I renamed her Suki, and I suki_hotwanted to write to you to give you an update and share with you some of her pictures. Suki has brought so much joy to my life from day one when I brought her home. She is the most affectionate and loving cat I have ever met. I have enjoyed spoiling her and giving her lots and lots of love.

suki_hot lips_2In my apartment, I have very large french door windows and I live on the fourth floor of a five story building. Suki has a little chair right next to one of the windows where she LOVES to look out and talk to the birds and watch the people down below. She also loves playing fetch! I have never met a cat who could fetch a ball, but Suki does, she has so much fun and all my friends are so impressed to see her fetch and bring back her ball.

Her favorite thing to do in the morning is follow me into the bathroom to watch me brush my teeth and wash my face and play with the water coming out of the faucet. She also loves to watch me do the dishes, sometimes I wish she could help out a little 🙂 but it’s just nice to have her around when I am doing them! She is a healthy and very very happy kitty!

suki_hot lips_4
Thank you for all the work you do to find safe and loving homes for the animals in your shelter. You are doing an amazing job and I am very grateful to have visited you last summer to meet Suki.

All my best,

Special Needs Kitten Finds Her Forever Home

“Dippity Do” is one lucky little girl. In October 2007, at only five weeks old, she came to SBACC with some nasty injuries. She had a large gash in her face and nerve damage to her front leg. Fortunately this little one had an incredible will to live and started to recover very quickly.

By December, Dippity’s face was beautiful again, but a Vet specialist suggested we consider amputation of her leg while she was still a kitten. She received lots of special love and attention from everyone who met her.

Just before Christmas, Dippity captured the heart of one of our new volunteers, Marjie Harper, and left us for her forever home in Cypress. She was welcomed by eight year old “brothers” Felix, and Bumper, who is partially sighted. She has incredible energy and spunk, and has especially bonded with Felix who is now determined to be a kitten again just to keep up with her.

Renamed Mattie, Mom Marjie is giving her lots of TLC, exercise and physical therapy. Mattie especially loves to chase flying toys, hide under covers and in paper bags, and “help” her mom return all her toys to their basket at the end of each day.

Mom reports that Mattie’s leg is showing improvement, as she reaches out to grasp toys (or her brothers), and it certainly doesn’t slow her down (nor does she seem to know she is different). She is especially content sharing Mom’s lap with Felix, who often will groom her. She returns the favor, and boy can she purr!

It just may be that Mattie will be able to keep her leg and not have to face another surgery.

Opus (formerly Dusty) living large

Dusty was a volunteer favorite. This big guy got along with everyone and really enjoyed having company. So much so that, left alone, he would climb the fence to find a buddy. Since Dusty was adopted, he has been renamed “Opus” and his new family has this to say about him: “I just thought you might like to see this week’s picture of Dusty (now known as Opus). He is just too cute for words! He sure knows how to take up an entire lap though! No complaints here!” Who says that a great dane mix can’t be a lap dog?

Kitty Buddies are Now Bonded Brothers!

Formerly Bentley, Diego came home with newlyweds Donna & James to be a buddy for their 2 year old cat, Toby, after his big brother passed away.

Toby was rather lonely. As you can see, Diego & Toby are inseparable now! Meow!! Ole! Brothers for life!!

Bullwinkle is a Happy Little Guy!

Bullwinkle Easter update…….

Hello….It was on Easter Sunday afternoon last year (2012) that I adopted little Bullwinkle….Not the exact date, that was April 8th, but it was on Easter Sunday, which is today….so thought I would tell you how well the little guy is doing……He just had his heartworm test a week ago, and that was fine…..He also has an in home dog trainer now, who comes about once a month…..I thought training in the home would be best….So every day, I spend a while teaching him based on his trainer’s recommendations….It is a lot of fun,and Bullwinkle has a lot of fun…..I had thought about taking him to a class, but thought in home training would be more fun,and more relevant for him, since we spend most all of our time here at home……….He is such a sweet little guy….Sometimes he likes to “steal” one of my shoes or slippers, and I will see him racing down the hall with it in his little mouth….I just laugh and laugh every time I see that……He tries very hard to please….He needn’t worry….He always pleases me to be here with me…..He is doing real well at his training……..he likes it….and I have a lot of fun with it….He is a happy little guy……And I am SURE happy he is with me……I read the success stories on the SBACC website, and I know that little Bullwinkle is truly another success story…..Sincerely, Robert Meldrum…..

Misty Mae Loving Her New Home

misty aka remy
An update on how Misty Mae aka Remy is doing:
We have built her the best window seat in the house! She loves watching the birds eating their seeds from right outside the window. She is also a hit with the preschoolers who attend school right next door. They love to see her at her perch (I think the feeling is mutual).

She has come a long way since bringing her to our home that first day. She has really opened up to us and she is becoming quite the lap kitty as well! She seems to be a very happy in her new home, as her tail is always wagging and she is always welcoming to sweet belly rubs.

We can’t thank you enough for what you do for all the animals at the center! We have truly improved our lives by bringing home such a special friend.

All best, Jen and Aivry

Finnegan Begins Again

Finnegan, known as Rocky II when he was with is, had a urinary tract obstruction just a week after he was adopted, but his new Mom and Dad stuck by him and are very happy they did.
“I just wanted to send you a quick update on Finnegan. He is doing really great! Very healthy and happy. We have him eating Merrick wet food (with extra water in it), Cowboy Cookout variety, which he absolutely goes crazy for during feeding time. He always leaves his bowl spotless! He’s friendly to everyone who comes into our home and he loves to play and cuddle. When I get home from work in the evening he comes running to the door meowing when he hears my keys. And Derek and I just love him. He is such a wonderful addition to our family.=)

Here is a picture of Finnegan on laundry day. He loves to lay on Derek’s clothes!

Thank you for all of your support.

Deanna and Derek”