Cuddles (aka Jenga)

Hi Everyone,

Today I am celebrating the 3 year anniversary of the day I adopted my forever mom; life around here is pretty good.  I think I have her pretty well trained now (except for that stupid vacuum cleaner, which she keeps insisting on using every day or so).
I have grown up to be a very good girl (most of the time), and I have a lot of toys and 2 towers to climb on.  My mom gives me tummy rubs every morning, we play a lot during the day, and at night she always gives me a neck rub and a kiss goodnight.  She also serves some pretty good cat food too; and the vet is happy with everything about me.
I really don’t like the flea stuff mom puts on me, or when she trims my nails, but I have to put up with it; and when we’re done, mom always gives me a treat.
Anyway, I hope all the cats at the shelter get forever homes. and I hope they all have a merry Christmas (I know I will).  Hi to everyone who took care of me while I was there.