Dottie The Superstar Dalmation

Hi, I am Dave Daniel of Huntington Beach. We adopted Dottie on Cinco de Mayo 2013 and we are coming up on two years. After a rough first week of adjusting to us, Dottie has become the superstar of our family. She is friendly with other dogs, although some larger dogs tend to intimidate her, great with kids … our grandkids and neighborhood kids, loves her morning walks to the Bolsa Chica Wetlands with Mom and her afternoon walks with Dad to Huntington Central Park. Her best friends are Carter (17) and Collin (12) our grandkids who accompanied us to SBACC and let Dottie pick them as who she wanted to go home with. The grandkids live just two houses away and are over every day to play with her. She loves her squeaky toys and is quiet, except when she lets us know when the postman is coming up the porch. She has been a great addition to our family and we owe it all to SBACC. Thank you.


Dottie snoozing in our home office.


Dottie snoozing on her back.


Dottie sitting on a bench in Huntington Central Park.