Quasar and QT Strike it Rich!


Quasar and QT (Now Bogey & Birdie), are two of five initially very shy kittens that have found forever homes because of the patience and care of our foster parents. Read on!


“It has been a year since they came into my life and they have been a great joy! What a pair! They love each other as you can see in the pictures. They love to play hard – they run in the house and it sounds like a freight train! Birdie likes to open drawers and throw out my clothes. Bogey likes to play with his water dish, pushing it all over the kitchen floor and dumping it over. They are both so smart and so loving, just the perfect cats.

A few months ago I got them a bird feeder. It hangs out on my patio and they sit and watch it for hours when they are not opening drawers and playing with the water dish.

Both are happy and healthy. I just took them for their yearly shots and the doctor said they were perfect. Birdie weighs 8 pounds (all white hair and fluff) and Bogey is 11 pounds (all muscle).

Hope all is well with you and that you enjoy the pictures.”