If you are in the unfortunate position of needing to find a new home for your pet, the organizations listed below can offer advice and assistance. Please understand that rescues, as well as shelters, are often overflowing with animals needing homes, and may not be able to take your pet. However, most are very willing to help if you are able to keep the animal until a new home can be found. Also, most rescues rely solely on donations for support, so if you ask for help, please consider giving a donation in return for their assistance.

This listing is a provided as a community service. There is no accreditation program in existence for rescue groups, and it is impossible for us to personally evaluate each of them. Therefore, we advise you to carefully appraise any individual or group you contact. You may wish to ask for references from vets, previous adopters, or other groups to obtain a sense of how they are viewed in the animal rescue community. Click here for a comprehensive list of shelters and rescues in the Southern California area. The following are links to the web sites of a number of rescues and shelters in the area.

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