Special Needs Kitten Finds Her Forever Home

“Dippity Do” is one lucky little girl. In October 2007, at only five weeks old, she came to SBACC with some nasty injuries. She had a large gash in her face and nerve damage to her front leg. Fortunately this little one had an incredible will to live and started to recover very quickly.

By December, Dippity’s face was beautiful again, but a Vet specialist suggested we consider amputation of her leg while she was still a kitten. She received lots of special love and attention from everyone who met her.

Just before Christmas, Dippity captured the heart of one of our new volunteers, Marjie Harper, and left us for her forever home in Cypress. She was welcomed by eight year old “brothers” Felix, and Bumper, who is partially sighted. She has incredible energy and spunk, and has especially bonded with Felix who is now determined to be a kitten again just to keep up with her.

Renamed Mattie, Mom Marjie is giving her lots of TLC, exercise and physical therapy. Mattie especially loves to chase flying toys, hide under covers and in paper bags, and “help” her mom return all her toys to their basket at the end of each day.

Mom reports that Mattie’s leg is showing improvement, as she reaches out to grasp toys (or her brothers), and it certainly doesn’t slow her down (nor does she seem to know she is different). She is especially content sharing Mom’s lap with Felix, who often will groom her. She returns the favor, and boy can she purr!

It just may be that Mattie will be able to keep her leg and not have to face another surgery.