The Little Hurricanes


I brought Lyric home on September 24th – what an angel she is! She helped mend my broken heart as my 15 year old male, Tiger David, passed on October 7th. This was my second heartbreak of 2010 as my 15 year old female, Shadow, passed on March 27th. Lyric and I bonded instantly. She was the Queen of the house within minutes. I had a huge crate set up for her to sleep right next to my bed. “OH NO!” she said…and into the dead center of my bed she lay down to sleep.

We had a great month by ourselves, yet I could sense Lyric wanted a brother and heaven knows there are so many kittens and cats that need homes. I again enlisted Mary Ann to be there as my support in the search for a new baby boy. I had looked on the SBACC website and saw the orange haired little guy. Charlie (Charles) was my Grandpa’s name & I sure loved him…meant to be? Maybe…I picked Charlie up and he chewed on my hair, ear, and necklace and just wanted me to hold him – like a baby – what a great purr he has! He stole my heart and I knew he was the last piece to make my little family whole again. I really felt that after a while, he & Lyric would hit it off.

Well, who knew it would only take mere minutes? Charlie came home and we showed Lyric her new brother in his carrier. She put her paws on the carrier and looked as if to be saying, “Can we let him out? I wanna play!” So we let him loose & that’s when The Hurricane hit! Solo, they are Lyric & Charlie, Charles when he’s a naughty boy, together they are my Hurricane! WOW! Just 12.5 pounds together, they sound like a herd of horses running thru the house! Music to my ears and heart!

I am so grateful to have my babies home with me. Thank you, Mary Ann & SBACC for helping me adopt my babies. Lyric & I are so happy to be “Charlie’s Angels!”

Jona Keller