The Lovely Lana


In a few weeks, it will be the second anniversary for having the lovely Lana (formerly Freedom) in my life. Since Svetlana and Solana mean sunshine and sunlight – I selected Lana as the perfect name. Having lost my beloved Luther, also from Seal Beach Animal Care Center, I needed some light in my life to help me through my sorrow.

When we arrived home from the shelter, she trotted into the living room and immediately curled up on the floor as if to say, “I’m home”. I needed her and I think she needed to be in a home to help hasten her recovery from a skin disease that had been allowed to get so out of control. The shelter immediately started treating this and taking great care of her, but she was still missing a lot of fur. Once she was home, that fur seemed to grow in almost overnight. Even the sparse tail, which the vet wasn’t certain would ever again have much fur, became full and fluffy. She’s absolutely gorgeous! Of course to me, she always was. I frequently have people comment that she looks like a Disney dog or that she looks like she should be in movies.

She can sit and stare at me, at length. I’ve even fallen asleep in the chair while she’s been staring and when I’ve awakened – she’s still staring at me. When I’m home, she’s always near my side. She’s very smart and loves to learn new things. She learned to crawl, literally in a few seconds.

She rules the house! She controls the other dogs and lets me know if I’m late with her dinner. She has a certain bark that tells me she’s impatient and wants her food. At the same time, she has this way of sitting and shifting her position so it sounds like she’s stamping her feet. If I arrive home after her typical dinner time, she immediately barks, and she rarely barks. It’s a bark that sounds as if she’s scolding me for being late with dinner. Fortunately, she’s more patient in the morning. If I want to sleep in, it’s okay. But once I’m up, I’d better immediately get her breakfast or she will scold me!

Lana loves her dog friends, especially her black cocker spaniel buddy. They tumble and wrestle a couple times a day. But her closest bond is with her human companion who absolutely adores her. And I’m very grateful for her companionship and to Seal Beach Animal Care Center for saving her and allowing me to adopt another wonderful friend. Thanks for all you do to save these animals who can then bring joy and companionship to people like me.

Linda Kuehl